Value-Added Strategy 4.0 in the Machinery Industry: More Value for your Customers - More Profit for your Business

Growing price pressure is becoming an increasingly daunting challenge for many companies in the machinery industry. The reasons are manifold: Saturated markets, more demanding customers, rapid technological progress and low-price competition from emerging markets.

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Why Companies (don´t) change

Agilty is the new management buzzword. It says that organizations should react quickly and flexibly to a changing environment or – ideally – that they should drive the change themselves before others do so. If they react too late, their very existence will sooner or later be at stake.

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Corporate Culture as a Competitive Advantage

Companies which ask themselves how they can strengthen their position amid ever stronger competition should take a look at their culture. Unlike hard competitive factors like, e.g., the price-performance ratio, technical product parameters or outstanding service and consulting, culture is invisible and difficult to measure.

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How to use Strategy Tools in the right Way!

Strategy tools are used to take decisions and to simplify and visualize complex situations. They are ´intelligence boosters´ which help us to do the right things - e.g. to decide whether a particular product should be discontinued or if entering a new market makes sense or not.

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Avoiding Discounts through Value-based Pricing

Increasing price pressure is a universal phenomenon and many companies struggle to get their prices accepted by increasingly demanding buyers. An effective way to counter this trend is Value-based Pricing. The underlying logic is that if a company can convincingly demonstrate the unique value of its offering to the customer, it is in a far stronger position to charge a price that reflects this value.

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Smart Strategy in B2B

Learn how to systematically create digital added value for your customers and boost your turnover and profit as a result. Contact us for additional information!

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