Are you nickel and diming yourself to death?

When reading the business press or talking to decision makers, you can get the impression that short-term profit maximization through cost cutting is a company´s primary goal. Of course, it is necessary to continuously optimize one´s cost position in the face of hyper competition. However, short-term cost cutting can be fatal in the medium and long term. The example of Deutsche Bahn shows what can happen when a company runs its equipment until it wears out and when it doesn´t invest sufficiently in personnel and infrastructure: Service quality will dramatically decline and the company will have problems serving its customers at all!

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Identifying and realizing growth potentials in your sales organization

Realizing significant sales and turnover increases is a particular challenge in mature and stagnating markets. Still, most companies have ambitious growth objectives: They want to grow faster than the market and, ideally, achieve double-digit growth rates. What can the sales organization do to leverage additional sales and turnover potential in this situation?

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Strategic new Business Development

Successful companies usually have ambitious growth goals. However, in many cases the performance of their current business is not strong enough to reach these goals. As a result, companies have to realize new growth potentials. To do so, we recommend a systematic approach.

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Boosting Business Success with integrated Market Management

Meanwhile, a number of approaches are available to solve the classical ´conflict´ between Marketing and Sales. However, there is much less focus on the cooperation of the two functions with their company´s service department. This is all the more astonishing as a growing number of successful companies actively market a range of services in addition to their physical products, thereby increasing turnover and profit.

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Professional Management as a permanent Turnaround

When companies get into trouble, a more or less radical turnaround is required to get them back on track. However, professional turnaround managers don´t have a magic formula which enables them to save a company overnight! Rather, under great time pressue and in a project mode, they usually make up for what has been neglected in the past. From that perspective, a turnaround can be seen as the application of proven and professional management methods and processes in a situation of great urgency.

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Smart Strategy in B2B

Learn how to systematically create digital added value for your customers and boost your turnover and profit as a result. Contact us for additional information!

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