Hans Walter's whitepapers provide in-depth analysis and insights into the issues that drive profitable growth and superior business performance. They cover a broad range of topics, industries and challenges.

Professional Competitor Analysis

Analyze your Competition systematically and develop effective Strategies

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Translating Corporate Strategy into On-The-Ground-Success

How to successfully align Corporate, Marketing and Sales Strategy to reach your targets

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Boosting Business Success with Professional Product Management

Shorten your time-to-market and effectively manage your portfolio through the market and product lifecycle.

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Business Modell Innovation

Keep on growing by reinventing your business

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Do you have a Strategy? If yes, which one?

How to formulate and successfully implement a business strategy in 7 steps

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Increasing Sales Performance systematically

How to leverage the hidden potentials in your sales organization and overcome barriers to growth.

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Selecting and developing Key Accounts systematically

How to leverage limited sales resources to achieve optimal results

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Strategic Value Selling

Systematically create unique added value together with your customers - strengthen your pricing power – boost sales and profit!

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