Optimizing cross-functional cooperation, releasing growth potential

In many companies, the different departments don´t really cooperate – rather, they work alongside each other and, sometimes, even against each other. This leads to delayed decision-making and slower processes, frustration, unnecessary discussions and conflicting signals sent to the market and customers. To sum up, problems involving cross-functional cooperation weaken a company´s competitive position and strangle its growth.

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Why do your customers buy from you?

Do you know why your customers buy from you? If you ask managers and co-workers in your company´s different departments, you will most probably get widely differing answers. Often, quality (what do you understand by this?), long-term market presence, excellent service or strong brands are mentioned. In many cases, it is not clear at all why customers buy from a company – people don´t know where their competitive advantage lies.

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How to develop a great business plan

Business plans are often associated with start-up companies which need money from a bank and therefore have to present a comprehensive concept. A business plan describes the strategy with which an entrepreneur or intrapreneur demonstrates how he wants to develop his business and reach ambitious growth goals.

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Who is your competitor?

At first sight, the answer to the question ´Who is your competitor? seems easy: All companies which produce or market similar or comparable products and services. However, this is a limited view, because, in general, competition is not limited to direct rivals, but goes far beyond. And management practice shows that it is the indirect or new competitors which are the most dangerous as they are either unknown or not considered rivals in the first place.

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Sell Profit, not Products!

Your customer is not interested in your products and services at all! He buys from you, because he wants to solve his problems and reach his targets. That may sound provoking, however, the customer is always focused on his own benefit. To him, your products and services are the vehicles which provide this benefit.

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Smart Strategy in B2B

Learn how to systematically create digital added value for your customers and boost your turnover and profit as a result. Contact us for additional information!

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